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About Jury Associates

Adam Rosen, J.D., Ph.D. founded Jury Associates in 2002, after learning the litigation consulting business for five years with Phillips Consulting, in Boston.

That same year, Dr. Rosen also began to develop JuryTest, an online mock trial system that provides the rich data of a mock trial process, but without the cost and time investment of a day at a hotel or research facility. Currently, JuryTest has over 100,000 jurors nationwide, in every trial venue, and serves clients from coast to coast, helping them to win trials through strategy, evidence, and theme testing and helping them to settle cases that present undue levels of risk. Our clients include some of the largest corporations in the Fortune 100 and the country’s largest insurance carriers.

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Experience That Matters

This history reflects the JuryTest and Jury Associates’ emphasis on empirical testing of evidence, themes, and witnesses where possible. This is an approach that characterizes many consulting teams around the country. What makes our approach unique is the marriage of both legal and empirical analysis, together with an understanding of juror psychology that derives from Dr. Rosen’s ongoing 30-plus years working as a therapist and Clinical Psychologist.

Our view is that jurors are acutely sensitive to not just evidence itself, but very much the word choices and intonation, and implicit messaging that comes through in how counsel and witnesses speak to them. While few attorneys would dispute this premise, the fact is that there are all too few opportunities for trial attorneys to actually obtain feedback from jurors about how their words and tone are affecting them. Indeed, a trial is an exercise of attempting to persuade people of a perspective while knowing absolutely nothing of their response to anything that is being said.

A Unique & Effective Approach

In contrast to this, Dr. Rosen’s work as a clinical psychologist has afforded him many tens of thousands of instances of communicating important and sometimes challenging ideas to patients and learning how it affects them, depending on the idea itself, the particular words chosen and the tone and timber utilized. The learnings gleaned from participating endless times in this feedback system have made Dr. Rosen uniquely sensitive to how words, tones, and ideas, working together, will affect jurors’ thoughts, feelings, and motivations. Our goal, which we think clients have found to be quite effective, has been to use these types of insight to help the trial team identify the most accurate, compelling, and impactful messages that jurors need to hear, including messages that can withstand the crosswinds of attempts to distort or rebut them by opposing counsel. Though much complex learning has gone into this type of analysis, we put a premium on offering direct, practical, and readily usable ideas.

Our Client’s Statements

These statements reflect the success we have had with this approach.

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